Playing catch up

I hate playing catch up. It's an uncomfortable feeling for me, like I'm behind the eight ball. I always like to be out in front, or to have passed the ball and be waiting for it to be coming back to me instead of having other people waiting on me.

Like this blog. It's very personal, and hardly anyone reads it (I can probably count them all on one hand), but its one more thing that I've made a commitment to and I want to make sure that it's not done half-assed. Taking more than the week that I've given myself as the max between posts not only lets me down, but also makes it difficult to remember everything that I've done or worked on since my last post. That's also because my mind is a sieve, but I digress. Now you know my motives for trying to post more often. Yes, it's purely selfish because I know I'll have a hard time remembering later!

So to cheat make things more visually interesting while catching you up, I have the following pics for your enjoyment:

That's Denny on the left and Natalie, from Lettuce Knit on the right. And in the middle is none other than the Yarn Harlot, aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. This was taken on the night of the Olympic closing ceremonies, before the cauldron was extinguished and right after Stephanie finished the sweater she's wearing in the nick of time as part of the Knitting Olympics that she organized. It's a Dale of Norway, called Whistler, I think. Denny is also wearing her Knitting Olympics sweater, also a Dale of Norway and the design is Vancouver 2010, which of course was created for the games. And if memory serves I think Natalie knit both her cardigan, and that scarf wrapped around her neck. Over achiever.

The beer at the Olde York Pub was good that night though - I had the Wellington Pale Ale. Apparently the Olde York carries nothing but local beers, so it was a real treat!

The Yarn Harlot's blog recently mentioned a State-side road trip of fibre-proportions with Denny establishing a craft zone in the back seat of the car, and spinning. Having heard Denny tell similar tales during the spinning classes at Lettuce Knit, I believe it! 

Continuing on with what will seem like a knitting tour of Toronto pubs, the monthly Drunken Knitters group from Ravelry get together was couple of short weeks after the Olympics ended. You can see my Ishbel there in the foreground. Apparently working on lace in a dimly lit bar is not for the faint of heart. I knew this, yet had forgotten, so didn't have another project with me (not sure how often that happens!).


And speaking of Ishbel - my first project cast on from the One Year One Book / Miko Challenge - here is another WIP. I'm actually much farther along now, but haven't managed to take a picture yet. I will say though, that with all the screw ups of the lacework on the Ishbel Beret that I made, doing the flat scarf so far seems to be smooth sailing.