Fun things to do with knitting

I think I've mentioned before that I belong to an online community called Ravelry. For those non-knitters out there, the way I usually describe it is that it's like Facebook...but for knitters.

Anyway, within Ravelry you can find and join (or start your own!) groups (or "tribes" - if you're like me and a Seth Godin fan) depending on your interests, location, etc - and not just related to knitting. And each group has it's own discussion board so you can access those people with similar interests for support, guidance, to ask questions, etc.

One of the boards that I frequently check in on had someone recently share this video that (to use a phrase I learned on Ravelry) is awesomesauce:


In fact, it started a bit of a debate about whether or not it was purely stop motion animation or if it was computer-generated. My hubby, heavily involved in the Canadian CG industry swore that it was, or at least very much "enhanced".

And don't you just love the ability of the internet to give you the answers you seek when you ask a question? Not much later in the day did someone post that there was a making of video:

Of course, as knitters, we all collectively cringed at all that knitting be purposely ripped out! Ack!