Good Friday knitting

It's hard to believe that it's April in Canada. Especially as the temps were in the low to mid 20s today. Knowing that the temps were on the rise, Jen from my fave haunt, The Purple Purl organized a knitters get together on the patio at Mavericks on the Danforth. One of the bartenders, another Jen, is also a knitter and she makes the most amazing wings. Sadly, Jen wasn't working today as we'd originally thought.

But there was still beer. And knitting. And good times. I even actually made some good progress in terms of finishing the second sleeve on the baby sweater that I'm making at the moment. Of course, the problem with beer and knitting is that inevitably it can be a bad combination if you're not careful. Which of course is why I have this picture of Jen fixing my knitting after I dropped some stitches backing out a mistake:

But it was a great day, even if I didn't get to try the ribs this time.