So close and yet, so far

I've discovered that there is nothing more annoying than knitting on something repetitive. Why I should think that knitting something repetitive would be any more enjoyable than doing something something else that is repetitive I have no idea, but there you are.

Of course, I was prepared to suck it up because after pulling this project out of UFO land and thinking I only had a dozen or so pattern repeats to go, I really wanted to see it finished before the summer was up and it seemed to be within the realm of possibility.

Note to self: COUNT pattern repeats next time instead of relying on a row counter that has the ability to be clicked while in your knitting bag if it bumps up against something.

As I discovered while trying to block the outer band for the botanica medallion cardigan (above) that I've been working on, clearly I was not at 107 pattern repeats as I thought, but only 83. Which wouldn't be so bad except that when I pulled the UFO out a month or so ago, I thought that I was at 80 pattern repeats. Clearly, this was not the case.

In any event, I'm chugging away on it while on vacation and hoping that I will have the outer band completely finished by the time I return home so that I can schedule some private finishing lessons with the fabulous Wise Hilda.