Yarn Road Trip - Ancaster and Jordan Village

One of the upsides (but downsides) to being a member of Ravelry is that I have learned SO MUCH about knitting, and yarn, and fibre arts (and on and on!) in such a short period of time because of the wealth of information that is shared on the site amongst friends, in the forums, and so on.

This means that I have discovered handy tools like Knitmap (which has a mobile-friendly version) and also been able to join groups for stores that I like. The downside being that I get the "inside" track on when they're having their big sales!

A few weeks ago I had heard that The Needle Emporium in Ancaster was going to be having their annual tent sale. According to some other knitters who have been in the past, it's usually very worthwhile, and in recent years had gotten so big that it could no longer be accommodated in the store's parking lot and is now held in a parish hall at a lovely church up the street!

Thinking that the drive to Ancaster might be worth it for some bargains, and if not, a nice day out and some lunch, my girlfriends Karen and Esther and I decided to book it into our calendars in advance for some girl time.

Having been out that way in the last few weeks for work (parts of Hamilton and Niagara are in the Greenbelt) I mentioned the two little knitting and fibre shops that I had found in Jordan Village and how it would be fabulous to have lunch at a vineyard before making the trek back to the city.

Sometimes, I have really, REALLY good ideas:

That was the antipasto platter from the Coach House Cafe at Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery. It was awesome. We also had wine (but of course!) and a cheese platter and a panini sandwich between the three of us:

We had lovely apres lunch teas and coffee and enjoyed the sun on the patio while knitting away and then we were off to Jordan Village to check out The Fibre Garden:


Does this not look like the cutest place, or what? I may not have spent a lot at the tent sale, but I made up for it here! John was a fabulous host and answered all our questions about various fibres. Karen and Esther had more fun in a spinning shop than I would have thought possible (considering they don't spin!) but they too did some damage - which came home with me as I'm going to be spinning it up for them! 

After a quick run back to the car to stash the stash (we're really putting Karen's car through it's paces, prepping it for the roadtrip to the KW show in September...!) we were off to Stitch:

They have a beautiful space, and while we didn't stay for the knit night I found a gorgeous new (to me) designer's book of children's patterns and bought it to make two of the sweaters for my little guy. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with Handknits for Kids by Lucinda Guy.

It was a gorgeous, uber-relaxing day and we didn't leave Jordan Village until a little after 7pm. MUCH later than expected, but totally and utterly worth it!