You never forget your first love

Before I became a bona fide knitter and fell head over heels for most things fibre-related, I was a cross stitcher and madly in love with most things needlearts-related.

And while I love cross stitch, after making lots of pictures with tiny little 'x's and even learning tons of specialty stitches for a little variety, I was still getting restless for something new and different. Which is probably when the stars aligned for me knitting-wise.

Since finishing my little guy's birth sampler (finished in 2008, he was born in 2007) I haven't done any cross stitch at all until picking up the needle this past summer. 

First up, Wedding Row by Bent Creek as a belated 1st year anniversary present for my brother and his wife:

Next was finishing up Baby Globe (also by Bent Creek) for my Mom to give to a friend of hers' first grandchild:

I love the simplicity of both of these, and how they have an antique feel because of the hand-dyed threads used. They were also both quick to stitch - making it fun to dabble again with cross stitch.

But you know how when you run into a old flame and you walk away from the encounter so happy that you moved on and appreciating your honey even more? Yeah. It kinda felt like that.

Me and the knitting. We're in it for the long haul.