No news is good news?

It's been hell-a busy over here so not too much to report that I can share. With apologies to the Yarn Harlot I'm going to borrow her short-hand "randoms" format for this post:

1) My knitting as of late has been focused on test knitting a project so it's not really something I can share at the moment.

2) My son is now a "real big boy" because he's moved into what used to be our office which, aside from the master bedroom, is the only room in the house that will accommodate a twin bed.

3) The nursery might have worked if the bed were the only piece of furniture and nothing else, but that didn't seem like a fun place for anyone to hang out.

4) My son't new bed (new to us, I actually found it on Kijiji at least 6 months ago) is actually larger than a regular twin bed in that it's a molded plastic race car bed.

5) We figure you only live once and considering how happy my son is with his bed and happy to go to bed in it, we think it's totally worth it.

6) Of course, moving two of us out of the office and the little guy into it and my husband into the little guy's old room and me down to the sunroom means my house is in chaos and completely destroyed.

7) My mom was here through the chaos and made minimal comments about it, which was nice. 

8) I took her to see Billy Elliot, which was awesome and I think she really enjoyed it too. We both certainly enjoyed our Winterlicious dinner beforehand at Reds, which was decadent.

9) My son's registration package for school came today, making me extremely thankful that I have been on a yarn diet for the last little while and that I have enough stash to knit down to keep me going for quite some time.

10) Since I'll be spending so much time at home, I'm really looking forward to my new craft room / mom-cave. Pics to come as soon as I'm a little more organized.