Pat the Bunny

Last weekend was a moving weekend. I moved my office on Friday at the foundation and then on the weekend we started moving things around for the little guy's new big boy room (he's very excited - he's getting a race car bed! I'd be excited too!).

It was a good thing then that in between all that boxing and schlepping, I had the opportunity to meet the girls at the Purple Purl and settle in for the first Knitty Round Table of 2011.

The Knitty Round Tables are a really neat thing that the editors of Knitty do test out yarns that are available for order through the internet. It's kind of like a mini-focus group - and the knitters who participate are testing the yarn on behalf of those who maybe don't have a LYS near them or they just can't get a neat yarn without ordering it online. Of course, being a tactile bunch, it's hard to order something online when you can't really feel it, you know?

Enter the Knitty Round Table. For me, it's a really fun night to not only try something new, but catch up with friends (since you're not allowed to talk about the yarn) and do some mindless knitting.

And, there are door prizes! I was one of the lucky ones to have my ballot pulled early on, so there were still lots to choose from. I was looking at a book and then thought, "What am I thinking!" and grabbed the skein of beautiful, bunny soft, 100% angora handspun that was one of the yarns tested. Considering the groan around the room when I did, I think there were more than a few people lusting after this yarn! Including my two girlfriends that I happened to be with!

It's lovely, and feels like a bunny. It's my new pet. I've been patting it ever since bringing it home.