Mom-cave progress

It's been all go here the last few weeks, what with everyone getting a new room and all. Rightly so, the priority has been on getting the little guy settled and into his space, which he seems to love aside from one night when he said he hated his new bed and wanted his crib back. I think that's pretty typical growing pains stuff though as Mr. H hasn't really said anything since then.

The rest of the time we've been making trips to Ikea and the Goodwill to drop stuff off so it feels like things are slowly but surely coming together. I sold the old behemoth of a Pax wardrobe with the desk insert so that was awesome, along with an old Billy bookshelf. Yay! Have to say, this purging thing once it gets going is pretty great.

I think the hubs would like to have made a little more progress in his room, but at least his computer is back up and running, so that's a major plus. We've both said it feels weird that we're no longer sharing an office after we did for three years here, and two years at the old apartment (or thereabouts). Even in this house when we had separate workspaces before we were at least next door to each other, so it is different to be separated by a floor.

We're settling in though, and I'm happy to have made some significant progress the last couple of weekends. New shelving/countertop is in. New rug is on the floor (which has made a HUGE difference in warming this room up - literally!). Stuff in general is feeling a lot more organized (the two boxes of paper that need to be filed that are currently under my desk at my feet notwithstanding).

I'm lucky to have the luxury of being able to have a sitting area for working on projects, reading, whatever. And my spinning wheel has been tucked into the corner next to my desk. I can't wait to get back to working on her but I need to get a chair that I have out of the garage first. Hopefully tomorrow.

Here's a taste:

Why, yes, that is a big basket of WIPs sitting next to my new knitting chair! No peeking at the rest though. I have to get a bit more done before I can take pictures of the rest and call it finished.