Mom-cave revealed: room to get crafty

Wow - I didn't realize it had been so long since I've posted. Time flies when you're having fun. Or renovating.

I wish I had some "before" shots, as it would really show what a funny, useless little room we've been trying to make work at the back of the house.

It's a sunroom, and was a back additional probably 25 years ago. The original owners plunked it down right at the back of the house on top of the ground, so there's no basement or anything dug out underneath. Then the second owner, a general contractor, never really did anyhing but make it more it's own room (previously there was a doorway through to the dining room/living room area).

The sunroom is a long, skinny shape, and was kind of hard to make work with anything since the old doorway has been filled with a built-in unit for storage and a TV. Initially we had a huge wardrobe in the corner that housed a desk and some storage, and then our kitchen table and chairs made it a nice, sunny eating area. No more - we're now committed to having dinners at the dining room table!

In any event, with the little man getting a big boy room, it was time for the hubby and I to head back to individual workspaces. After more than three years of sharing and office, I think we both feel pretty good about having our own space again. It's good to have room to spread out with our own stuff, and for me, that's a lot of craft stuff. I cross stitch and knit and spin, have dabbled in quilting, know how to sew, and am about to learn how to weave. And I'm addicted to craft books! It just made the most sense for me to take on the weird room to see if I could make it work, and since it's larger, there's more room for all of my stuff!

Without further ado - the reveal!

Big workspace on my desk. The area to the right of the computer can be cleared off quickly and easily to accomodate either my sewing machine or serger. Ignore the pile o' stuff under the desk - that's my box of filing that I haven't dealt with yet! 

Room from the sitting chair - a wee TV hooked up to the satellite! Thank you honey! It's nice to have movies playing in the background while I work on various projects and putter around.

I mentioned that craft book addiction, right? These are just a handful of my favourites...

Salvaged from the baby room - Harrison's glider rocker and our special bonding chair. It's now one more reason he likes coming in here to hang out with mommy - and we still have our cuddles in the chair.

Spinning corner - which makes my hubby very happy to have the spinning wheel out of the dining room.

Stitchy Alli central! And an inviting space for when I do have to bring work home with me from the office.

I'm a big fan of "going up" when you don't have a lot of storage options. Mini Mason jars are holding various office supplies. 

New container to hold some of my grandma's old knitting needles.

The bulliten board is hanging on the bar underneath the shelf so I didn't have to drill any more holes. The clock is a fave gift from my best gal Lisa, who thought it was a fun reminder of my film background.


Another of my favourite things - blackwork stitched my best gal Karen in honour of Harrison's birth.

The yarn and fibre storage! And that space above the counter will likely be getting some magnetic and chalkboard paint treatment with a frame made out of molding to give it a picture frame look for an inspiration-board.

It's a good place to get crafty!