TTC Knitalong 2011 - Stash Update

Apologies for the delay folks! July was crazypants after the TTC Knitalong thanks to a work project and once that was moving along smoothly I was off on vacation for a few weeks.

LOTS of updates on the vacation to come!

But for now - the TTC Knitalong revisited. Mostly so I can keep track of what I bought and have some kind of record of what I actually bought the yarn for! (Ever have one of those - hey I bought this great yarn but can't remember what the project was that I wanted to knit? Yeah, guilty. And I haven't even been doing this for that long! Okay, my mind is just a sieve, but anyway...)

Here's the day's haul: 

I definitely had a reds and greys things going on that day. Do you ever notice if you tend towards a particular colourway at times? I seem to do it all the time. Must be a mood thing, I guess.

I also forgot after I'd take this photo that I'd forgotten a few things - eep!

But isn't that blue gorgeous? The photo really doesn't do the vibrancy of the teal justice.

So recap!

The girls and I started our day at The Knit Cafe, where I fell down right away over the Blue Sky Alpacas worsted cotton in a warm, dark grey, They had a sample of the short sleeved version of Ysolda's Liesl knit up and it's one that I've admired for a while. I love almost anything by Blue Sky Alpacas but you tend to pay for the luxury so to be able to knit a sweater for myself out of TWO skeins seemed too good to be true so I snapped them up and the pattern too. Voila! Instant project for $30 before tax.

Next it was off to Romni:

...where you can find some amazing deals in their basement! I found this cone of mystery yarn that doubled should give me the right weight of yarn to make the cute top you see pictured. It's the Heliosphere Tank from the Summer 2011 issue of Knitscene and there's probably enough yardage on this cone that Karen and Esther can each knit one too!

Not pictured: the red heart cable ends for use with the Addi Clicks that I got for traveling this summer and two balls of more mystery yarn that Karen said she'd love if I used to weave her a scarf!

Then, we went cross town to Leslieville and The Purple Purl:

The Purple Purl ladies were having a great Canadian Content sale for July so I was happy to support the cause with two skeins of patriotic red by two Canadian indie dyers - Viola (a luscious skein of her fancy sock that has some cashmere content - yes!), and Waterloo Wools. I plan on making the Cashmere Cowl No. 2 - Lace Rib from the clever gals at Purl Soho (free pattern on their blog!) with the skein of Viola, and I've decided that the skein of Waterloo Wools sock yarn in garnet is perfect for the My Vampire Boyfriend socks from My Canadiana purchasing was also extended to the teal roving from Rocky Mountain Dyeworks (pictured above). No plans for that yet, but I know I'll enjoy spinning it!

Finally we were back on the Queen streetcar heading west to our last stop of the day, Americo, where I yielded to temptation and got this little project:

It's their pima cotton yarn, Flame, and I'll be making the Roman Holiday wrap with it. I've bought a third skein as I'd like to make the wider version for more versatility than a more regular scarf might be. And talk about yielding to temptation, I've been in love with the yarn from this store for about three years now, but this is the first project I have from there. Exciting!

Then it was on to our last stop of the day, drinks with G&Ts at the Rivoli and some knitting with a quick change for me since my darling hubby was taking me to the theatre for our wedding anniversary afterwards. 

So sweet! Gotta love a man who takes you to see Hugh Jackman live (with fantastic seats, I might add!) on your wedding anniversary. Yep, I married a keeper!