What I did on my summer vacation...

There's been so much going on here these past few weeks, and really, since I got back from vacation in August that it's been too crazy to actually blog about it. 

A few randoms:

1. I managed to visit a LOT of yarn/fibre-related stores and studios on my vacation out west. Like 7 in just over 10 days. More on that later, but here's some of the haul:

2. My best girls surprised me on my birthday with a limo and mimosas and roadtrip (where we all knit along the way) to Niagara to visit a couple of yarn and fibre stores (my two faves in Jordan Village), followed by a cheese tasting, then a wine tasting and a picnic lunch at the winery before heading back to Toronto in time to pick up my son from daycare in the limo (we had his car seat). He was super tickled!

3. I quit my job and have started a new one as a public servant. I am working with some amazing people on some amazing projects and I'm so happy to be continuing to do work that is meaningful and rewarding. However small my part is, it's part of the whole, and that's how the world works, right?

4. My baby turned four years old! And started at his new school. And has been going through his period of adjustment just like everyone else. He's now in Lego Club, the only boy in his dance (creative movement) class, and hockey starts next week. It's all "go" here.

5. There have also been a couple of impromptu SnB's, and of course Karen, Esther and I did our fourth annual roadtrip to KW for the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair.

A cool thing that has happened though, is that I've been able to write about my summer's adventures while I was on vacation, and they were recently turned into four guest blog posts for the Canadian Living craft blog on CanadianLiving.com!

The first post was all about my visit to Calgary's newest yarn store where I attended their knit night, then I recapped my visits to a lot of other yarn-y places that were broken up into part one and part two. Finally, my visit to indie dyer Felicia Lo's studio (of Sweet Georgia Yarn's fame) was turned into part three.