Weekend WIPs

It's been a pretty good weekend here. I had a knitting class yesterday (learning steeks! eek!) and my little dude was at a playdate. Today I'm reciprocating for my girlfriend and her daughter is here. Its our turn to have our playroom destroyed but it sounds like the kids are having a terrific time.

With the kids amusing themselves, it's given me time to get my project pages on Ravelry updated, start the laundry and see if I can't organize my craft room a little more. With Christmas knitting and then New Year start-itis plus actual work-work and filing and stuff that never finished getting sorted when I first finished the mom cave - my personal space has been overwhelmed. Thankfully, my DH and I landed on an awesome spot together for making things a little more organized around here. I'm looking forward to it. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here's what I've been working on:

Chevron Baby Blanket from Purl Soho knit in Blue Sky Alpacas organic worsted cotton.

Honey Cowl - free pattern from Madelinetosh. Knit in Viola Silky DK in graphite.

It's too cold to go outside today. I think I'm going to put another load in the washing machine and settle in with my knitting while watching the kids play. You?