Whipping my WIPs into shape

A common affliction amongst knitters (and I assume other crafters) in January is the fevered frenzy of start-itis. There's just something about the new year and starting fresh that gets everyone all excited, I suppose. Other common themes on the chat boards and blogs are resolutions of finishing those projects that have already been started, and stashing down (using yarn already in one's own "stash").

I have not been immune to any of these phenomena and will also be hoping to finish (more than) a few WIPs this year, along with joining a stash down to see if I can knit my way through some of this yarn. In no particular order, here are a selection of WIPs that I've selected to start with, and where I'm at with them so far:

1) Dinosaur sweater for Harrison (only part way through the front)

2) A capelet for Ashleigh (Debbie Bliss pattern, for my little guy's buddy) - can't quite tell where I'm at. Maybe a third of the way through?

3) Elm Row by Anne Hanson (am knitting this in two colours at the same time, one with only 14 rows done for me and one with 2 rows done for my mom)

4) Chevron baby blanket (halfway through)

5) Teknika gloves (cast on these January 2 so no progress to speak of yet)

6) Tulip baby sweater (body almost done)

7) Chunky purse/bag (almost done second side then have to block, sew up, and sew a lining for it)

8) Cropped jacket from Vogue Knitting a few years back (just need to do the sleeves)

9) Fiddlehead mittens (just need to do the lining)

10) Beatnik sweater (am still knitting the gauge swatch, so it's not really a WIP just yet)

And then of course there's the fibre on my wheel at the moment and a project on my loom that is very close to being done.

That's got to be as good a place to start as any, right?