FO - Mom's birthday crochet scarf

Two years ago I crocheted a scarf for my mom for her birthday out of some delicious Lorna's Laces Pearl (silk and bamboo) that she had bought me at Purl Soho in New York City:

Ravelry project details here.

It was a bit of a surprise then when in looking randomly at scarf patterns for a present this year that I came up with another one that I liked in crochet - especially as I am not a crocheter normally and the scarf above was really the only thing I had crocheted.

After some help from the fabulous Lara and Tamara at a craft night in North Toronto I settled in with a ball of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn and applied myself to the pattern - although I hated how the sock yarn was twisting. I later learned this was largely due to having pulled the noro from the centre of the ball and as a single the yarn has a lot of twist anyway.

Discouraged, I re-started the project in Malabrigo sock yarn (delicious and soft!) but the yarn was variegated, not self striping, so the beautiful changing colour effect of the pattern was lost. It was then that I decided to unwind the Noro yarn and start over - after winding the yarn into a cake first with a ballwinder so that I could pull more easily from the outside of the ball.

The effect was lovely and it was very motivating to move on to another colour. All told, the scarf was finished in about three days. Crochet is so lovely and quick! My mom also loves the colours, although I think she'll be happier with something a little softer next time (I'm already plotting!). 

Noro Windowpane Scarf by Adrienne Lash. Crocheted in Noro Silk Garden sock yarn with a 3.5mm hook.