The Breakfast Club

It's a club of one at the moment, and granted it's only been five days, but I've gotten into the habit this week of dropping Harrison off at school and then wandering for a bit until I find a spot where I can park myself for a cup of coffee (not into cuppas...yet) and a spot of breakfast.

Breakfast - I know! What a concept! Those of you who know me know that I rarely consume much beyond a coffee or two to propel myself forward and out the door in the morning. But all this wandering around during the day means my body needs fuel. And of course after a day or two in succession of eating breakfast, well the body starts to demand it, doesn't it?

Yesterday I found myself wandering in the direction of Loop - the cutest, daintiest, chic-est yarn shop that London has to offer. I thought I'd perhaps get more of a look at the rest of their wares than the quick dash in and out for the Wollmeise I'd had on the weekend. Unfortunately for the girls outside the shop, none of them had their key that morning and were waiting for the fourth staff member to arrive. Fortunately for me, it was still before opening time and they pointed me down the cobblestones of Camden Passage towards a little cafe called The Breakfast Club.

I settled in with my knitting and Ravelry and the gorgeous coffee they brought me...and then they brought me the biggest breakfast burrito I've ever seen in my entire life. So big, there was no more room for my knitting. But OMG, it was SO good. And I ate the WHOLE THING! Scrambled eggs, spicy chorizo, roasted peppers, cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream - with a little bit of greens and Tabasco sauce on the yummy! And it filled me up so well, I didn't eat for the rest of the day!

A monthly pilgrimage to Camden Passage may be required.