Side Project

Sadly, there isn't much knitting of late to report. I've been completely sidetracked by another project and for once I haven't dropped what's on my needles in favour of a new pattern, yarn, UFO or some other temptation.

My latest project is our flat. Since our things arrived from Canada three weeks ago I've been to IKEA at least that many times, taken deliveries of various furniture, opened and emptied or organised about 50 boxes into some semblance of order, and moved those same boxes around in various rooms as we've made space for furniture to be assembled and put to use.

Once we're a little further along with getting settled, I'll give you a tour of how things came together. In the meantime I will say this: our flat is fantastic. We had to wade through some lovely and not so lovely options of the 30 different flats we saw, and everyday I still think we found the one that suits us perfectly.

I'd write more, but I have to go make another list and take some more measurements for this weekend's run to IKEA.