A lot can happen in two weeks

There's something to be said for "throwing one's cap in the ring" when an exciting opportunity comes along. It's something else when that cap is picked up and opportunity actually knocks!

So it's been with a new job that my DH has accepted. His contract was up, he heard about a great job, lateral to what he's been doing, in a similar field and inquired about the gig. Eight days later (no joke!), he had the job and suddenly our lives are in upheaval because:

We're moving to the UK! (Full disclosure: this is not my knitting. But I found this picture on the internet and love it and am shamelessly using it.) 

I am now in the midst of house prep, purging, and also planning a baby shower for my BFF who had her sweet boy at the end of April. As luck would have it, I will be in Calgary for her party and a visit whilst my guys vacate the house for that weekend and it is shown to prospective buyers.

In the meantime, I'm knitting when I can to help save me from the insanity! Wish me luck...