Don't Blink

At least, that's how I feel right now - that if I blink, I might miss something as things are happening so fast around here!

Quick update until I can get into details on tons of stuff (I promise! I know! I've been bad at this blog!):


  • The Relay for Life was a lovely 12 hours and I had a great time spinning and knitting the night away - best of all, the Downtown Knit Collective raised over $13,000 at last count!
  • Harrison's Dr. Seuss quilt is progressing - 4 squares completed now!
  • I've finished what is probably my oldest WIP - a horrible scarf in that ladder ribbon yarn that I think pre-dated me picking back up the needles when I was pregnant with Harrison
  • A more lovelier finish is my first ever lace shawl, and a final vanquishing of the pattern Ishbel that brought me to my knees a few years ago (turns out experience as a knitter helps!)
  • I bought the wonderful Kate Atherley a beer, and she taught me how to knit toe-up socks. In a dark bar. But that's definitely it's own blog post for another day!

And of course there's all kinds of new yarn that seems to have found it's way into the stash, in spite of the stashdown. I think the stash knows I'm going to be out of work the next wee while so figures it should be nice and full of inspiration!