Our trans-Atlantic adventure is stalled - before we've even gone anywhere.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

We've done the visit with both sets of grandparents for the little guy, the house was packed and the close went through with our buyers. Unfortunately the UK Border Agency (UKBA) doesn't appear to have gotten the note in our application that we were planning on flying to London on August 31st...

Instead of embarking on our UK adventure as a family and arriving together, my DH is now in London ahead of us. Granted, he's already prepping for a work commitment next weekend that obliged him to get on the plane, so it's probably better we're not there just now and he can focus.

Since it's the weekend (and the long weekend here in Canada) and there's nothing I can do but wait - I'm trying to find fun stuff to amuse my son with, and we're going to enjoy ourselves anyway.

There's a certain almost-five-years-old's special day to plan too. We may not be able to go to the famous Hamley's in London to pick out a special treat, but I'm hoping that in-line skates will be almost as exciting!