Dinosaur Distraction

March is shaping up to be a busy month. It seems like with the end of half-term it's just been all-go since and I'm being pulled in a dozen different directions. Which is a little, well, distracting - to say the least.

True to form when I'm usually in this state - I add fuel to the fire. Case in point - the picking up of another old WIP, the Dangerous Dinosaur Sweater by Lucinda Guy. If it feels like I've been working on this one for ages, it's because I have. My project notes say that I started it some time in 2011. Ouch.

I also tried to work on it to get it finished in time for Christmas for Harrison. Remember this photo?

Honest intentions of getting this knit while I was in Florida last November.

Honest intentions of getting this knit while I was in Florida last November.

After this photo was taken, I completed most of the dinosaur before I realized I'd forgotten to do the armhole shaping. I had to rip back almost all of the intarsia dinosaur (the back was already knit and I'd opted to omit the dinosaur from the back).

In knitting the dinosaur the second time (with armhole shaping), I realized that the chart wouldn't be complete before I started the neck shaping. Uh oh. Esther kindly looked at the pattern and my project and realized that there was no problem with either the pattern or my knitting, but that I definitely had a gauge problem.

In looking for the perfect yarn for this sweater (I hadn't been able to find the yarn called for), I looked at colour combos and found what I was looking for with some yummy Spud & Chloe Sweater. It's a completely different gauge. And not a little different either. The pattern calls for DK/sport weight yarn and I've been knitting it in aran weight. Ugh.

To be fair, I did realize that they were a different gauge, but when I bought the yarn the person in the shop just said to swatch and I'd be fine. Which is fine to a certain extent when you're knitting a normal sweater, but isn't necessarily the best advice when you're working with a big, intarsia chart. And yes, I had showed the person in the shop the pattern I was attempting.

Knowing that I'd like to finish this sweater before the little guy outgrows it, I did what I always do when stumped by my knitting. I put out an SOS to my fellow knitters (Lara, you know I include you in that group!). There was support (very appreciated) and consensus that the situation did indeed, suck. 

But I'm stubborn and didn't want to let all that knitting that had already been done go to waste. In consultation with Rachel (who by all accounts I should just have on a retainer now, or something), we felt that the sweater could be saved if ripped back to the start of the armholes and the pattern rewritten for the armholes to account for the new gauge. And in the interest of full disclosure, Rachel rewrote the pattern for me. I picked everything up from her during half-term and then decided to pull it all out this past weekend (you know, since I'd like to complete a WIP in March to stay on track with my goals):

 Progress. I wonder if I can make a serious push to finishing the front at hockey practice tonight?

Progress. I wonder if I can make a serious push to finishing the front at hockey practice tonight?

This weekend I finished the back and now I'm about halfway through the dinosaur on the front. It would be nice to get the front finished in the next day or so to see if I'm going to need more of the blue for the sleeves (I'm leaning towards yes). If that's the case, I'm hoping someone at the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia later this week will have some. I can only hope.

In the meantime, I have to switch gears again. I've had the lovely opportunity of some freelance work come up and that is moving to the top of the priority list. I think it will be good to not be distracted for a while. More soon.