Hello dear readers! Gosh how did it get to be more than a week since my last post so quickly? Isn't it strange how time flies when you feel like you've just been plodding along and not making much headway?

Part of the plodding has been due to this rainy, grey weather we've had in London lately. It's warming up but for a while there it was SO. COLD. Brrr! The wet I find makes it seem even more damp than usual so all you want to do is cozy up in a big sweater with another cup of tea. Which one hopes will help to get rid of the cold I have. And yes, I have another cold. Sigh. I have finally caved and seen a doctor and will be following up next week.

It's also term break for my wee guy so we've been having fun outdoors when we can and indoors the rest of the time. There's been hockey practices and games, building forts in the living room, running in the common, throwing a Nerf Howler (it's cool, check it out!) and generally just spending time playing and drawing and hanging out.

And in the evening there's been knitting. I'm still working away on Vodka Lemonade:

 More sunshine to chase the grey away.

More sunshine to chase the grey away.

The sweater is definitely plodding along, but I'm enjoying it. What's not to love about this colour when everything else is so dreary?