KCBW Day 2: A mascot project

My task for the second blog post of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is to think of or research a project that embodies the house/animal that I identified the most with and/or that reminds me of the qualities of that house.

Dudes, this was HARD. I confess to having completely taken the challenge literally and immediately doing a search through Ravelry patterns with the single word, "bee". I thought I would want to do something with colourwork so refined my search parameters around that, knitting, for an adult, and came out with about 40+ pattern options to choose from, and none of which held any appeal.

Thinking about a bee, I'm not sure I really wanted a motif of one per se, but looking at other project images got me thinking more abstractly about bees and their stripes. From there somehow I remembered a new-to-me skirt pattern that a friend brought to my attention on Ravelry and I eagerly sought it out again: Tower of Strength by Jimenez Joseph.

Perfect mascot project for a Bee?

Perfect mascot project for a Bee?

It seems unfair to have hit upon the perfect (for me) mascot project so quickly but I do believe that it will work out amazingly well. The stripes are evocative of a bee, while the colourwork stranding is what I sought out originally yet at the same time unconventional and different enough to keep me challenged and interested through the project (and keeping a little bit of that monkey side coming through).

As luck would have it, I think I may even have the perfect yarn in my stash for this (links are to my stash pages on Ravelry):

Or not so lucky as the case may be since I was hoping that these would all be same weight. Still, with some gauge swatching and blending of the yarn and colours, it may come out all right, no? I must say, I am in love with the idea of the pale yellow/gold of the apricot mixed with the deep brown, and the pale pistachio evoking a sense of spring for a bee to be flitting about in... sigh.

Happily for this blog post we don't actually have to complete (let alone start!) the mascot project, but I must say I'm rather taken with the idea and think that I will need to revisit this pre-processed project idea once the cold months are upon us once again.