KCBW Day 5: The voices in my stash (a guest blog)

Hello all! I'm currently on the train on my way to Malvern to meet up with a friend Alison from last October's P3. We're going to have fun and hang out before heading up to Wonderwool Wales bright and early tomorrow morning! In the meantime, since today's post for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is supposed to be different from how we would normally blog, I thought this would be a perfect day for someone to guest blog for me. Enjoy! --Alli

Who are we?

We are Alli's stash.

We are what happens when a knitter wants to work with good materials, and to have those supplies on hand.

We can make you a yarn snob too.

We have been blended to form exquisite temptations of softness. We are bathed in hues that are soft and natural, vibrant and strong. Sometimes by hand.

We have been both open and stealthily acquired. Without even realising it. We are also gifts, and the manifestation of gift certificates.

We are pretties and precious-es. We are to be petted and stroked and fondled. Caress us.

We are also pure.





We are the great distraction. The reason for countless WIPs and UFOs.

Our numbers are legion.

We will be enhanced. Alli will enhance us.

We are Alli's stash.