Still here...

I wish I was better at juggling. As it is, I find it easier to do things in batches, or chunks, than to try and push a whole bunch of things forward a little bit at a time, simultaneously.

To that end, I've been working away on freelance, the top secret project, and also trying to get organised for a visit from some dear friends from Toronto. Their little guy and Mr. H were in daycare together and very good buddies and last year even though they were at different schools they still did hockey together so it's nice that the boys can continue their friendship long distance.

And with all that stuff going on, I'm still trying to get my knit on, although not very successfully I'm afraid. My goal had been to post a WIP of a new sleeveless top I'd cast on for last weekend but yesterday after completely screwing up the lace pattern somewhere (which wasn't horrible, but my attempts at tinking backwards just bollocksed the whole thing, unfortunately) I ripped out all of my progress in a fit of pique and now I need to cast on and start from scratch all over again.

Does anyone else ever do that?

So anyway, I'm still here, just not with much knitting progress to report.

How's everyone else's projects moving along?