It turns out spring in London is much the same as spring anywhere. 

With the warm weather having returned, everything seems to have kicked into high gear and it's like a race at breakneck speed now to get to summer and holidays, and so on. 

As my July return date to Canada swiftly approaches, I'm trying not to panic with everything that needs to be done before then. This means falling back on an old anxiety soother - to-do lists. 

Actually, as a project manager used to running multiple projects at the same time, it's always been the most helpful to me to have one master list for a week, with each project broken out with it's own list of tasks. 

Somehow (actually, I have a pretty good idea how, but nevermind) the number of projects I'm working on at the same time has expanded to the point where I've had to list "home" and "me" as projects on my master list just to have a hope of making sure that things get done around here too! 

Since today was mainly spent recharging my batteries at home after Saturday night's 100km ride around London (I chose to raise money for Cancer Research UK - click here if you'd like to sponsor me and make a donation - the link is good until July 7, 2013), it was a good day to make some lists and push multiple projects forward at the same time. 

The master list was created not a moment too soon! That crazy bugger Murphy clearly took one look at it, decided there wasn't enough on it, and has heaped some more to-dos on it as well. You know what they say - no rest for the wicked! 

Best I stop blogging for today and get on with it!