Devoirs de vacances

I know I owe you all a recap of my trip to Woolfest! Did anyone else completely lose the end of June, or at least the first half of July?

Not sure if I mentioned it in any of my last posts that my mom had been visiting (its how I was able to escape to Cumbria for the day - more on that trip soon, I promise!). Anyway, mom was with us for a couple of weeks, during which time Mr. H also wrapped up school (wow. My baby is done kindergarten. Just. Wow.), and then my dad arrived too. Oh, and we launched the ticket sales for the Great London Yarn Crawl! Have you got yours yet?

After the hustle and bustle of their visit my parents left and there was no time to breathe because the little guy and I were packing ourselves up for our Super Canadian Adventure (TM) this summer. 

That's right - this blog is coming to you very belatedly but "live" from my motherland! Week 1 is already under our belts - we've said goodbye to Toronto all over again and are now blissfully enjoying the Okanagan Valley and the hospitality of my in-laws.

The reason its blissful (and why I also finally have time to resurrect my blog) is that time seems to slow down out there. A. Lot. My in-laws are both retired, well into their routine (although nothing like the appearance of a 5-year-old boy on the scene to shake things up!), and happy to provide a haven for us that is completely relaxing and where things move at their own pace.

Harrison diligently doing his graphisme while mummy knits, er, looks on.  

Harrison diligently doing his graphisme while mummy knits, er, looks on. 

For poor Mr. H - it also means that there is finally time to start his devoirs de vacances. Last summer with the move and endless visa paperwork waiting I was a bit lax with any French practice but not so this year. We've committed to practicing semi-regularly so that things aren't too stressful when it's time to go back to school. So far, I've managed to catch the wee man in good moments and he's been focused, which is all I can really ask for, and not push to hard when he's just not into it. It is summer after all!

As for my own devoirs - well, as you can see my regularly-scheduled knitting has been abandoned in favour of something new. It's coming along fabulously - wait until you see the buttons!