Catching up

We're continuing to enjoy lots of relaxing time in beautiful British Columbia although the heat has been incredible. +33C temperatures and no shade at the playgrounds or splash pads have forced us to seek refuge indoors during the hottest hours of the day. Luckily there's a great indoor playground  with air conditioning and free wifi for the adults where Mr. H has enjoyed meeting and playing with lots of local kids.

Free wifi means that mummy can catch up on her email, blogging, and all that other good stuff! In fact, while I was sorting through my photos of Woolfest I came across this WIP photo of Vodka Lemonade that I somehow managed to miss posting about:

A little bit of summer sunshine - will it still be summer when it's finished?  

A little bit of summer sunshine - will it still be summer when it's finished? 

Sadly, I'm not much farther along than I was when I took this photo earlier this summer but thanks to my good friend Jennifer's eye, I'm at the point where I should make a few adjustments as she felt it was going to come out a bit big across the back for me. The next eight inches are all about stockinette so I've been avoiding working on it but it's comforting to know that I can make the necessary adjustments before finding out too late that I've knit a sweater too big.

But onwards and onwards! We're still here for another week so I'm going to challenge myself to see how much more knitting I can accomplish. What are you working on this summer?