Belated birthday blog post

One of the nicest things about having a birthday in the summer I think is how you can use it as a mid-point in the year to reflect, without the pressure of the NEW YEAR looming in front of you. 

I've always felt that fall, with all the promise of a new school year is more like the new year anyway, and with summer at your back you're more relaxed to think about what's coming up, and what there is to look forward to - as opposed to the craziness and stress of the holiday season.

Right before my birthday this year I was in Vancouver visiting with my brother and his wife and it was amazing. I've never spent much time there but I found our six days so rejuvenating that I left feeling creative and energized. 

Granville Island (and it's not really an island) is one of the reasons for that soothed feeling. I swear, if we were ever lucky enough to live in Vancouver I would want to live as close to it as possible just soak up the creative juices and energy that flow from this place like a sopping wet sponge.

The community centre on Granville Island has a pretty terrific splash pad and playground that I remembered from two years ago, so I dragged Mr. H there after he had an exciting morning at Science World with Auntie Jen. While he delighted in the kids water slide, it allowed me time to think back on just how crazy this past year has been.

There was family travel, I'd left my job but hadn't been gone long enough yet to feel completely panicked about not working, the UK visa paperwork waiting-in-limbo, selling our house, a spectacular send off from my stitchy gals in Toronto, the joy of being a reunited family coupled with the excitement of being in London and a new city to explore, a knitting retreat in Wales, a new friend and partner-in-crime, new work to be challenged by, a family vacation that amazingly didn't involve traveling somewhere to see other family, springtime and bike riding in the Common,  the return (if only for a visit) to the warm embrace of family and friends in Canada, and a clean bill of health. An embarrassment of riches.

With the newness of the next 12 months stretching in front of me (and as a close friend said, "staring down the barrel of 40"), I've no idea what to expect but there's plenty to look forward to. I know that there will be more great knitting events and retreats, visits with friends, and I'll continue to be overambitious in thinking just how much I can accomplish with my knitting. I can't wait!

A wee "programming note": Thank you for your patience as the blogging has been sporadic at best while I've been on vacation in Canada. I'm now on the final leg of our trip and am standing up for my BFF of 33 years when she gets married this weekend. Afterwards I'll only have a couple of days to run around like a crazy person and see/do/eat all of my favourite people/things/food before returning to the UK so chances are slim that I'll be blogging.

Also, in case you were on the fence about participating in the upcoming Yarn in the City: The Great London Yarn Crawl, we've got a contest happening for early bird ticket buyers for a chance to win one of the original Soakboxes if you get your tickets before the end of the August Bank Holiday weekend. 

Be good knitters - I'll see you soon!