2014: The Year of Epic Projects

It's been a full week and a bit here chez C&Q. Lots of organising and cataloguing, identifying stuff to de-stash, thinking about the year ahead and not without a little bit of tough love and reflection on 2013.

Depending on how often you read my blog, or if you know me in real life, you might know that I love big ideas. No. I LOVE big ideas. In fact, the bigger the better. But I think in the last year where I really fell down was in the execution of the ideas. I came up with the ideas without the rest of the plan. 'm good at managing projects for work, but when it comes to the personal I need to remind myself that it's not enough to know the destination, I need a map to get there.

This year, I want to be smarter about my goals and not get caught up in a list of things that when I look back on 2014 I'm not thinking ZOMG! I didn't get x, y or z done but rather - yeah, that was a solid, satisfying amount of crafting and work that was accomplished. 

I may be putting a fair amount of pressure on myself, especially as I have a significant birthday ending in a nought later this year, but I'm also wanting to selfishly focus that pressure on me. I'm proclaiming that this will be the year of epic projects, and that the vast majority of them will be for ME!

That's not to say that I won't sometimes end up knitting for others, but I've got some big crafty plans for this year and I want to wring the enjoyment out of every last stitch. I'm also not going to write down my list of projects here either this time. Instead I'm going to focus on pushing myself further with big challenges (two dresses! lace! colourwork! cables!), new techniques, some designwork and if there's time, maybe a little bit of sewing too.

First up this year - some pre-planning for #GLYC2014 and getting ready for Unravel. I'm already knitting. What are you working on?