Looking back, looking forward

I feel like this post should be called "Blogging Discipline" or even just discipline - as who couldn't use some of that in their knitting/crafting lives?

Today's topic for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week encourages us to look back at last year's looking forward post (if we wrote one) and and the KCBW as a whole to see if we had done any of the things that we wrote about with great intentions. Ha!

Looking back, planning is still the key for me. I need to be planning more what I want to write about, and getting out ahead with topic ideas and early drafts, thinking about photos, etc. I've said to clients before that a blog post can take anywhere from about 90 minutes to two and a half hours depending on the content.

Does that seem like a lot of time to you? Sometimes it's not nearly enough. This was a point that was reinforced at the very awesome Blogtacular conference I went to last weekend. Generating content takes time. There's coming up with the topic itself. Does that require research? Do you need to interview someone for it? Do you have to go to an event and cover it? Is there travel involved with that? What are those expenses? Are you taking photos? How much time will you spend reviewing photos, editing them, refining the selection and doing any touch ups? Are you doing a tutorial? Those are a lot more photos. And so on, and so on. Depending on how often you're posting, blogging is suddenly demanding a lot of your time.

Taking an objective look at my own blog through this lens, I've realised that I'm devaluing it by not putting the (additional) time in. It's always easier to put off the blog in favour of work or whatever else needs doing. But to be fair, I've also tended to look at this blog more as a personal outlet than a professional one. The more involved I become in the knitting and crafting industry, the more the lines blur.

Looking forward to the next year I'm going to have to figure out what my boundaries are with the personal vs. professional on my blog, and if/how I want to use it to promote myself and my work-related projects. It's safe to say though that after almost two years in this country, and a solid year and a half (almost) of working in the knitting industry, that doing this work as my job makes me happy. I'm starting to have a lot more focus in terms of what I want to be doing and can now start to refine towards a targeted objective. Exciting times ahead!