More of the same, please

It's been a very full two weeks here at C&Q. For reasons that seemed logical at the time, my boys have been in Canada for Mr. H's Easter break visiting with Jordan's parents and I stayed behind.

After a quick weekend in Paris with my folks (they were en route back to Canada from another holiday) I felt like my batteries were super-charged. Since then there have been meetings and visits and work (although sadly, not as much blogging as I would have hoped - sorry!) - all things that I can do when the boys are here, but without having to drop everything at a certain point in the afternoon and tear off for the school run.

Coming home from another whirlwind day yesterday I was filled with a happy, punchy, exhausted feeling. Do you know that feeling? For me it's usually the buzz I have after attending an awesome workshop, listening to a cool speaker, or being at a creative retreat. My brain is overflowing with ideas and inspiration and the goodwill and love that I have for amazing and creative women that I'm fortunate to call friends.

There's been a theme emerging from all of the get-togethers and meetings and follow up emails and phone calls and furious note-taking. It is one of quiet strength and confidence, blue sky thinking and unrestrained creativity, and a passion for collaboration that has been gentle, thoughtful and supportive. To be honest, I'm a little bit in awe.

The boys will be back in a few days. I can't wait to scoop up my Mr. H and smother him with kisses and cuddles (he's six - I feel like my days are numbered when it come to how much longer he'll let me get away it) and have that quiet time with my honey in the evening where we catch up on each other's day over a glass of wine. That feeling that of having forgotten my mobile or my keys while I've been missing the two most important people in my life will fade.

But that other charged-up-and-ready-to-go feeling? I'm hanging onto it as tight as I can. Watch this space.