Nothing to see here but some stripey socks

June already. Is anyone else wondering how 2014 so far has just been moving along so quickly?

Rachel and I have the planning for this year's Great London Yarn Crawl well underway (click the link to read all about it). In fact, the excitement has gotten to be a bit too much for me so I felt the need to cast on this week for a pair of socks to wear to this year's event. 

Just look at that delicious rainbow of colours!

Just look at that delicious rainbow of colours!

The yarn is the Mind the Gap colourway by Trailing Clouds and each one of those stripes is a different coloured line from London's Underground. Clever, eh?

In other news, the winner of the Unwind Brighton Design Competition was announced and it's a simply gorgeous shawl! I even happily have a skein of Kettle Yarn's Islington in a lovely gold colour to knit it. Mmmm... summer knitting!