2014: Year in Review

The last couple of days I've been taking time to reflect on the past year, taking stock of what I've accomplished and where things fell down (stashdown attempt, I'm looking at you). As usual, there's always more that I'd like to have done (blogging, for instance), and I chalk this up to not enough planning or goal-setting at the beginning of the year. I'm sure I meant to, but as usual best intentions and all that...

This year I am definitely planning on being more organised, both with goals and with life in general as 2015 is already shaping up to incredibly busy! I'll be taking the rest of the holiday to put more thought to how everything is going to unfold, and which goals I want to share here and which ones will be more personal milestones.

In the meantime, how about a quick look back at 2014?

My 2014 finishes, all of which can be found in  my projects  on Ravelry

My 2014 finishes, all of which can be found in my projects on Ravelry

16 projects were finished: 6 hats, 2 cowls, 2 sweaters, 2 shawls. A capelet, wrap, tea cosy and blanket rounded out the rest.

A little over 10,000 yards went out of the stash, although about only half of that was knit as the rest was gifted, sold, traded or just plain given away. And while 10,000+ yards sounds great, I still finished the year with a net +12,000 yards. Boo. Time to redouble my stashdown efforts in 2015...

Work-wise I immersed myself even more in the UK yarn and knitting community and I couldn't be more thrilled with how I've been able to combine my passion for knitting with my background in marketing and project management. I'm working with some amazing clients - all of whom are amazing individuals and companies. I'm really humbled to be helping spread the word about the great things things that they do.

How Yarn in the City has grown! No longer just the home of the Great London Yarn Crawl, we've now got a road trip under our belt, a book on the way, a new podcast to keep us busy, more events in the works and BIG plans for GLYC2015. Phew!

And family-wise we're all good. We're still thrilled to be living in the UK and enjoying the work-life balance and lifestyle that has come with being here. Aside from us all having colds this holiday, we're healthy, and happy, and really, I can't ask for any more than that.

Happy and healthy wishes for you and yours for 2015! xx