Wicked WIP Wednesday

I often joke 'there's no rest for the wicked!' when things are busy but oh my gosh it's just been full on since the holidays ended!

When things are this crazy, it can be difficult not to be distracted from all the 'ooh shiny' of new projects or patterns. It's a huge occupational hazard to be keeping up with knitting sites and chat boards on Ravelry when there are all kinds of tempting goodies are on offer!

Case in point - Rachel's new shawl design that I blogged about last week. It's brilliant, and straight-forward, and I think I'm in love with the simplicity of it. Of course, I'm on the miles of garter stitch body at the moment but even the lace bit looks to be not very complicated either (and we all know how I feel about lace!).

Still, I've been managing to sneak in a row here and there while on buses, or at a morning coffee with the mums after the school run, or one last row before I fall into bed after working late, so the shawl is growing slowly but surely.

While I'm still at that point in a newly cast-on project where it's all I want to knit, I'm wondering if there isn't some truth to Rachel's theory that knitting handspun projects just progress faster. Like knitting stranded colourwork or stripes, there's that urgency and motivation to get to the next bit to see how it's going to turn out - and that's more or less how I'm feeling about discovering how this handspun is going to look when it's knitted up.

Only time will tell! What lovely distractions are keeping you from your own work, or knitting?