Christmas knitting - literally

It's been a crazy run leading up to Christmas, and I've been sicker than a dog. We've had hockey and birthday parties and MORE birthday parties and sooner or later something was going to have to give.

The last Saturday before Christmas, December 17th, I had the thought (more than once!) that if I could get through that day, the rest would be easy. We had hockey, then two birthday parties, then my DH had a hair appointment, and then we had a dinner and playdate with our little dude's best buddy and his mom and dad. It was exhausting. But we made it, and I'm not entirely convinced that it wasn't because the little guy and I had some down time at the Purple Purl while waiting for my hubs at his appointment.

It's these stolen moments of down time that has been my knitting time over the last few months and weeks leading up to the holiday. In October, when we planned our trip, I was delighted to find out that my brother Colin and my sister-in-law Jen would be joining us. Yay! Opportunity for more knitted gifts!

For Colin, I decided that the ideal project was one I'd been wanting to do for a while: We Call Them Pirates by Adrian Bizilia. I'm of course, absolutely thrilled that he loves it. Even though he lives in Vancouver it can still get a little chilly. And since Colin shaves his head, a toque is welcome almost any time! My SIL Jen told me on the side later, "that's your brother's new favourite toque".


For Jen I had the perfect luxury skein of Indigodragonfly 4-ply cashmere in my stash, in a soft, Monet-like colour called Vancouver Melt. I hunted through Ravelry to find different patterns with stitches evocative of waves and came up wtih the cowl pattern Silk Smoke Ring by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. 

The original pattern is quite long and I only wanted a small, close-around the neck sort of cowl for Jen, knowing that Vancouver doesn't get quite as cold as the rest of the country. Choosing the medium size, I squeezed 5 pattern repeats (each repeat is 12 rows) out of the skein and used every last drop - finishing with a tiny strand about a foot in length. It's scrummy and delicious and I'm so glad it's gone to a good home!

I also did some Christmas crocheting - finishing off a scarf for my mom's birthday but I'll save that post for next time. 

A semi-recent FO

It's got to be some kind of record that I'm actually posting in a semi-monthly fashion on this blog. That's not to say though, that I haven't been thinking about it, or that I need to do a blog update. 

So with the little guy tucked away for a nap this afternoon, I've finally had a chance to download some photos from my phone (apologies for the quality in advance!) and am settling in to let you know what I've been up to.

First up - mittens! It's sickening hot here so I'm happy to say that these were finished off in June in advance of my parents visiting. They're actually Dad's birthday present from last September - oops! But I was a bit annoyed with the crochet finishing so I did put them off for quite a while. Sadly, the Habs were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs early.

Montreal Canadiens Mittens - pattern by Corina Irving. Knit in Cascase 220 using the Basic Patons Four-Needle Mittens pattern in size large as the base. Modified the cuffs to have a band of red at the bottom like on an actual Habs jersey.

Dad loves them, and they're big and warm for his hands. Since he goes to a lot of CFL football games, and those games are outdoors in Calgary and right into November, I think they'll come in super handy for him.