FO: My Rhinebeck skirt

So much for trying to keep this blog going! At least I'm checking in monthly, which is all I can say!

My road trip to Rhinebeck with my SnB gals was awesome. I've done another blog post for Canadian Living so will add an update to this post when the link goes live to that. [Update: Here is the guest blog post!]

But my skirt! I love my skirt! I think it turned out amazing, even with finishing the waistband about half an hour before we left for the fairgrounds! Why that happened, I'm sure I don't know considering I finished the actual knitting and seaming about two weeks before the trip. Go figure! The slip that I bought (thank you Spanx!) is also really comfortable and perfect for underneath.

Project Details

Pattern: Lanesplitter from Knitty, First Fall 2010
Yarn: 6 balls of Noro Silk Garden in colourway 252
Needles: 5mm for a tighter gauge

Modifications: I chose to knit the skirt a bit longer to the knee to be more versatile for fall, and for wearing to work.

Additional notes: The skirt was worked as dictated by the pattern by alternating two balls of the same Noro colourway. Sometimes the colours overlapped, creating a wider band of colour, but I chose to let that happen instead of cutting the yarn to get a constantly changing colour.

Many special thanks to Amy / Indigirl for taking such awesome photos!