Rip and Repeat

I had a lovely night out at the pub with my girlfriend Jennifer a weekend or so ago now. It was actually Drunken Knitters night and even though I'd RSVP-ed I really do hate the pub that they always go to. The food is lousy and the service so-so and even though it's lovely company I have to say I much prefer the inadvertent alternative that Jen and I started back in the spring/summer of last year.

We go to a pub on the Danforth where the bartender is also a knitter and so there's no worries about pulling out the needles. And in fact if the bartender isn't pulling pints, she'll sometimes pull out her needles and join us too!

Anyway, Jen and I were there and I was working on the sleeve for my sweater but I decided that something was off so I decided I'd deal with it in the morning. Honestly, I should have just waited for Karen to have a look (since Karen has already finished the jacket from the KAL) but I didn't. And the next morning, I ripped out the whole thing. I think I was just have a "meh" kind of day, ever have one of those?

In spite of ripping out 15 rows that were probably fine, the good thing is that I do actually feel much better about the progression of the sleeve this time. Which I figure is probably good progress at this point.

This pic is of the jacket pieces so far, including the sleeve before I ripped it out.