Happiness is a new knit night

This whole trans-Atlantic move has felt like more of a marathon than a sprint. Once we decided that we were going, yes, it was a pretty quick start out of the blocks but we definitely had to pace ourselves!

With all the craziness of waiting for the visas and getting the closing of the sale of our house done, I mistakenly thought that the crazy train would just kind of start to slow down once we finally got to the UK. What I hadn't factored on was there being as much crazy at the London end on the Toronto side of things!

Not that it hasn't been fun crazy (hellooo shopping to furnish our new flat!), but since our things arrived from Canada I've been looking forward to stuff being "mostly done" so that we can start to have a new normal here in London not unlike our normal in Toronto.

For me, that means being part of a community of knitters and having a knit night that I can get to semi-regularly. I was invited to one relatively early on by one of the mums at my son's school. She accosted me one morning and our exchange went something like this:

Her: "You're a knitter."
Me: "Yes..." (who is this crazy person?) "Guilty?" (her child is not in my son's class so I assumed she must have known from one of the mums whose child is in my son's class) "Did Catherine mention it?"
Her: "No, but I recognize your hat. It's the Ishbel beret by Ysolda, isn't it?"

Cue Stella and I connecting on Ravelry and going for coffee one morning after drop-off with our knitting. She also told me about her favourite LYS, Sharp Works, which is located in Herne Hill. The is also has a vibrant "stitch and bitch" group which meets weekly most conveniently in a pub not far from the shop and which even more conveniently is only one bus ride from our flat for 20 minutes. Excellent!

In spite of my best efforts to get the flat and our lives moderately organised before Christmas so that I could make it to a knit night, it sadly didn't happen. So I was very excited to head over that way this past Wednesday and meet the group in the snug of the Half Moon Pub:

The Herne Hill stitch n bitchers!

The Herne Hill stitch n bitchers!

And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't post a picture of Stella as well:

The fabulous Stella! who also introduced me to the wonders of pear cider that night!

The fabulous Stella! who also introduced me to the wonders of pear cider that night!

It was a terrific night (I even finished my hat! although pics will be posted another day) and I can't wait to go again.

Treats for my sweets

Not a lot of time for a post today. I've been furiously clicking away through my Christmas knitting - so much that I looked up randomly last night to discover that it had just gone midnight! Oops, so much for trying to get to bed early to manage this cold I have!

Once the lucky peeps have received their gifts and I have proper photos, I'll be able to post them here. At least, I'll try. Chances are I'll be doing it from my iPad while on vacation and I'm not sure yet how to work around putting up the photos all at once with the Squarespace app. Anyway...

A couple of weekends ago now, the girls and I got together for our annual Christmas SnB, with a new friend joining us. The lovely Birgit may put all of us to shame for her rabid enthusiasm for knitting! She made the most delicious savoury shortbread and I have the gals their Christmas cowls, which were excitedly received (probably because we aren't ones to do gifts, but I saw this yarn and thought of each of them so, it had to be!).

L to R: Karen is wearing Piedras, Esther is wearing Indiecita, and Lara is wearing Arco Iris. Pattern is Rasta Neckwarmer by Breean Elyse Miller. Knit in Malabrigo Rasta (one skein makes a whole cowl) on size 10mm needles.

We're traveling tomorrow to warmer climes to spend the holidays with my family. Already I'm wondering how much knitting I can get done on the four hour flight...