One of the things that I don't do on the blog very much, if at all, is talk about my work in the knitting and fibre world.

What I do isn't hidden - it's right there in my bio - but unless you know me in real life or if we know each other professionally, you might not know that my "day job" is working as a sales rep in the craft industry. I am lucky to represent three terrific brands - SweetGeorgia Yarns, Soak Wash, and ChiaoGoo needles. They're high quality, premium brands and I use them myself. I don't think I could represent a brand that I wouldn't use - how would I get excited enough about the brand to be able to sell it?

Over the last year and a bit, going to these various yarn shows and meeting knitters and becoming involved with the yarn community here in the UK - that is my research. And every minute of it is amazing. It's exciting to be able to meet to knitters and introduce them to SweetGeorgia. I love seeing how giddy knitters get to pet a new yarn, and hearing their appreciative gasps as they see how wonderfully saturated the colour is in the yarns. As good as it may be to read about a yarn being fabulous on the internet, or seeing the vibrancy of our colours, nothing compares to finally seeing the real thing in person!

My job isn't only about finding shops to get the yarn into though - it's also about supporting the stockists that we have here in the UK and helping to get the word out to knitters so that they know that SweetGeorgia yarns are available here. To do that, you have to go where the yarn-lovers are: yarn shows.

Unravel 2014.jpg

Lucky for me the first big yarn show of the calendar year happens in February in Farnham, just outside of London. Even luckier, my application for a booth for SweetGeorgia was accepted and I'll be there (assisted by the lovely Rachel) with lots of yummy samples for you to try on and kits for purchase. There's also a super secret surprise that I'll be announcing soon on the SweetGeorgia blog that has been keeping me pretty busy!

Putting together a booth for a show is no small task but it's also been a lot of fun. I've been learning a ton and enjoying having to use a whole different set of creative skills other than fibre-based ones (how novel!). It will definitely be an experience to see a festival from the other side!

But back to Unravel - they're having a contest! And appropriately, it's about colour work:

Unravel 2014 colourwork contest.jpg

I have a lot on the go leading up to the show, but any thoughts? If I thought I could whip something up quickly, I would. If you're going to Unravel, maybe you can bring your own colourful creation to enter?