Throwback Thursday

I was doing some research online for a blog post the other day and I came across an old guest blog post I forgot I'd written for the Canadian Living craft blog a few years ago.

The magazine and their online have been through a bit of a shift over the years, as magazines do, but it was a treat to go back and read what I'd written - never guessing that almost exactly a year later I'd be headed for the UK and seemingly continuing what I'd started with those blog posts!

The giggle I've had reading over these posts though, is what I called them: the great Western Canadian yarn crawl. Written in three parts, it's a little travelogue-y with mini-reviews of the five yarn shops, weaving studio, and hand-dyed yarn studio I visited over ten days in the summer of 2011. And you'll never guess who's hand-dyed yarn studio it was...!

Since the second annual Great London Yarn Crawl kicks off this weekend, it seemed appropriate to re-post these blogs for Throwback Thursday. Enjoy!

The great Western Canadian yarn crawl, part 1

The great Western Canadian yarn crawl, part 2

The great Western Canadian yarn crawl, part 3