It didn't happen

There's an internet acronym that I love that is POIDH, which means "Pics Or It Didn't Happen". As in, if you tell your friends you did something (could be something fabulous, outrageous, etc.) they can choose to mock you or razz you (again, depends on your friends!) but basically not believe you by using this term and until you come up with the photos to prove that yes indeed, whatever it is/was did indeed happen.

Goddess help me, I feel old just typing that and trying to explain myself. Sigh.

So while the plan for today's post was something lovely about how I was lucky enough to meet up last night with my fave knitting guru and mentor, the wonderful Kate Atherley - who just happens to be in the UK for a wee visit - I completely forgot to take any pictures at dinner last night. You know how it is when you get awesome people, a good hanger steak, beer and cider, knitting and fab conversation swirling together into the perfect storm of the ultimate get together? Yep. It was that.

But apparently it didn't really happen because I was completely useless about taking any pictures. I've asked for a do-over but I know Kate's schedule is pretty packed. If you decide to believe me you can also ask Rachel, who was there (uber Kate fan-girl, omg!). And she and Kate talked me off the ledge of starting a lace project of epic proportions that I was once again going to attempt with my gauge goggles on. Of course, the additional yarn that Kate had sherpa-ed to me from The Purple Purl for the project will now have to be destined for something else, but you know me - I had that solved after trolling Ravelry for about an hour after I got home last night!

I also got to show Kate a new mini sock that I had knit that day. She reminded me that it was OKAY to progress beyond mini socks and actually knit a full size pair. I know - but they're so cute (and fast!) when they're little!

It's back to reality today and the grind of more freelance work and also pushing the sooper-sekrit project with Rachel forward a bit too. I'll just leave you with this:

 Kate's first book,  Beyond Knit & Purl , which I was finally able to get autographed! Sort-of proof that last night happened...

Kate's first book, Beyond Knit & Purl, which I was finally able to get autographed! Sort-of proof that last night happened...

So close and yet, so far

I've discovered that there is nothing more annoying than knitting on something repetitive. Why I should think that knitting something repetitive would be any more enjoyable than doing something something else that is repetitive I have no idea, but there you are.

Of course, I was prepared to suck it up because after pulling this project out of UFO land and thinking I only had a dozen or so pattern repeats to go, I really wanted to see it finished before the summer was up and it seemed to be within the realm of possibility.

Note to self: COUNT pattern repeats next time instead of relying on a row counter that has the ability to be clicked while in your knitting bag if it bumps up against something.

As I discovered while trying to block the outer band for the botanica medallion cardigan (above) that I've been working on, clearly I was not at 107 pattern repeats as I thought, but only 83. Which wouldn't be so bad except that when I pulled the UFO out a month or so ago, I thought that I was at 80 pattern repeats. Clearly, this was not the case.

In any event, I'm chugging away on it while on vacation and hoping that I will have the outer band completely finished by the time I return home so that I can schedule some private finishing lessons with the fabulous Wise Hilda.