Twoo Wuv

Apologies for the radio silence, my lovelies. My little guy is getting over a cold and hacking cough and in the way that these things go, it looks like the hubby and I will not be escaping this one. I've been trying to rest in advance of my day trip to Paris tomorrow (sorry, but I do love saying that I'm going to Paris. For. The. Day! not anything you'd ever get to do in Canada at any rate!). I'm sure it's going to be awesome. Just as I'm also sure I'm going to need all available reserves of energy!

My darling better half (he really is better!) is sending me to Paris for the L'Aiguille en Fete knitting and stitching show for Valentine's Day. Actually, I think Valentine's Day is purely happenstance - out of the rest of the days that the show is happening (over a weekend), the Eurostar tickets jumped in price considerably!

Since there's no way I could do anything for him that would even begin to compare to that, I knit him a pair of fingerless mitts:

I don't have a better photo than this since the man has made off with the mitts and is wearing them already.
I don't have a better photo than this since the man has made off with the mitts and is wearing them already.

Click the photo to go through to my project notes on Ravelry, but I can tell you that they are the the Garter Stitch Mitts by Ysolda - and available as a free Ravelry download.

Finishing these up meant that I was also able to complete something for the February LOVE KAL/CAL in the Pre-Process Knitters group. This month's directions were to knit something for someone you love, or use something from your stash that you love, love yourself with some selfish stitching, and so on. Any excuse really, that would also allow you to bust out some red and pink yarn.

Since I need a new project like a need a hole in the head, I did a quick search on Ravelry for some fun (and even free!) options in case anyone out there is looking for something red, or with hearts, so that they can feel the love with their own projects for the rest of this month:

1. My Vampire Boyfriend
I *love* Kate Atherley's designs and this one for Knitty is super cute. Red, with cable hearts, on socks. Fantastic combo! Her fave vampire? Spike. Find some Nosferatu-coloured yarn and cast on for these!

2. Geek love
Robots need love too. How adorable is Louie the Lovebot by Rebecca Danger? She designs all those cute knit monsters and this sweet guy would really make a little person's day. Or how about these Love Bytes Robot Mittens by Grace Schnebly? It is February after all, and these colourwork mittens knit in a worsted weight are sure to be super toasty.

3. For Mom
Definitely less painful (and permanent!) than an "I love Mom" tattoo - show mom you care with this Winged Heart Tattoo by annypurls. I'm thinking it would look great just about anywhere - or add some dried beans or rice with the stuffing for some added heft and make it a paperweight!

Do you have any favourite "love" or "heart" themed patterns to share? I'd love to add them to my favourites on Ravelry - please leave your suggestions in the comments!

Happiness is a new knit night

This whole trans-Atlantic move has felt like more of a marathon than a sprint. Once we decided that we were going, yes, it was a pretty quick start out of the blocks but we definitely had to pace ourselves!

With all the craziness of waiting for the visas and getting the closing of the sale of our house done, I mistakenly thought that the crazy train would just kind of start to slow down once we finally got to the UK. What I hadn't factored on was there being as much crazy at the London end on the Toronto side of things!

Not that it hasn't been fun crazy (hellooo shopping to furnish our new flat!), but since our things arrived from Canada I've been looking forward to stuff being "mostly done" so that we can start to have a new normal here in London not unlike our normal in Toronto.

For me, that means being part of a community of knitters and having a knit night that I can get to semi-regularly. I was invited to one relatively early on by one of the mums at my son's school. She accosted me one morning and our exchange went something like this:

Her: "You're a knitter."
Me: "Yes..." (who is this crazy person?) "Guilty?" (her child is not in my son's class so I assumed she must have known from one of the mums whose child is in my son's class) "Did Catherine mention it?"
Her: "No, but I recognize your hat. It's the Ishbel beret by Ysolda, isn't it?"

Cue Stella and I connecting on Ravelry and going for coffee one morning after drop-off with our knitting. She also told me about her favourite LYS, Sharp Works, which is located in Herne Hill. The is also has a vibrant "stitch and bitch" group which meets weekly most conveniently in a pub not far from the shop and which even more conveniently is only one bus ride from our flat for 20 minutes. Excellent!

In spite of my best efforts to get the flat and our lives moderately organised before Christmas so that I could make it to a knit night, it sadly didn't happen. So I was very excited to head over that way this past Wednesday and meet the group in the snug of the Half Moon Pub:

The Herne Hill stitch n bitchers!

The Herne Hill stitch n bitchers!

And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't post a picture of Stella as well:

The fabulous Stella! who also introduced me to the wonders of pear cider that night!

The fabulous Stella! who also introduced me to the wonders of pear cider that night!

It was a terrific night (I even finished my hat! although pics will be posted another day) and I can't wait to go again.