The posts in my head

I've been having problems with my iPad since around the time that I was in Japan so it's been a tad difficult to blog on the go. And "on the go" I have been! My sincere thanks if you still continue to pop in periodically to see if there's a new post up.

How have I been keeping busy? Well during my lovely holiday and with all that thinking time, I've been sorting out the Champagne Communications side of my business and making things a little more formal. Which, wonderfully, has led to work for some new clients and it feels amazing to be flexing the creative muscle on marketing projects again.

Then there's this year's Great London Yarn Crawl to be planned. Rachel and I have once again been working on the logistics and sorting out some new surprises, new routes, and adding new shops to the mix to keep things fresh and fun for this year. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, 8 July, and you can mark your calendars now for Saturday, 20 September for the Yarn Crawl itself. 


Rachel and I also have a couple of other projects in the works, and tested those waters with our first design collaboration - maybe this summer we'll have time to work on a few!

At least I finished the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Shawl!

At least I finished the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Shawl!

And then of course there's been the usual knitting, quilting, traveling and yarn shop exploring! And I really, really promise to get some posts up about all of that soon. I just have to get through Unwind Brighton first!