Progress, not prowess

Okay, so it still doesn't look like much. But that my friends, is yarn. Woo! Actually, it's probably more acurate to call it spun fibre, and in this case it's a wool and silk blend (I think, I'm a little fuzzy on the details since I was overcome with excitement to be actually getting the hang of this spinning thing!).

You can see in the pic too, that I was using a different wheel this time. That model was a Louet Victoria and was a nice, compact, traveling wheel. One of the great things about this spinning course is being able to try out different wheels to get a sense of what I like and don't like. This one was a double treadle, which I think I definitely like over the single treadle.

In fact, I got so excited about making actually spinning progress, that I went out and bought some roving at my regular knit night to continue practicing with. I purchased two good sized bags, two different colours, so they'll last a fair while. After spinning a bit of each for my "homework" today I learned about plying and put the two colours together to make this:

It's my first spun yarn! Yay! Pretty neat stuff. Already I've learned that I can be adding more twist to my spinning (before I had TOO much, now I have too little, go figure, it's not an exact science). But I'm pretty proud of it, and I think the colours are kind of neat together. Might as well enjoy practicing, right?

In other WIP update news, I seem to be motoring along okay on my Ishbel Beret for the Knitting Olympics. I've made a couple of mistakes, one that I can sort of see but I'll fix with a little tack later, and the other I have no idea where it happened. Periodically though, I've ended up with one fewer or one more stitch than I seem to need, so I'm just going with it. I figure if I can't find the error, most people won't be able to either. And I can always have that part be the part of the tam that is underneath the slouchy bit, you know? Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!