A quickie for Pirate's Day

Avast ye hearties! 'Tis a drive-by blogging today! 

But seeing as it's officially International Talk Like a Pirate Day today, I couldn't very well not post about the wee finish I had on the weekend:

A pirate's bandana and eyepatch for the salty dog Mr. H

A pirate's bandana and eyepatch for the salty dog Mr. H

Mr. H was off to a pirate-themed birthday party and wanted an eye patch. I had so much fun I ended up making a bandana too. (The skull sweater was finished in January 2010, so it's a little on the short side now, but Mr. H was a good enough sport to put it on to complete the outfit!). Project notes (with my modifications) are on my Ravelry project page.

What with the Great London Yarn Crawl happening this Saturday and trying to drum up interest and support and getting folks to knit squares and strips for the Campaign for Wool for Wool Week's yarn bombing of John Lewis, not to mention working with Kathleen on the goody bags for the Small Wool Gathering retreat - it's been a little busy around here!

As much as it's felt like I've barely kept my head above water in August and September, it's been very satisfying work and it will be lovely to see Rachel's and my hard work pay off. I know we're both looking forward to having a pint (or two!) on Saturday evening to toast our efforts! 

Only two more sleeps!