Summer and the spinning is easy

One of the nice things about our house (in the summer anyway) is that it faces north. This isn't the greatest thing in the winter when it means the snow on our lawn takes longer to melt than anyone elses', but it does make for some lovely, cool shade - especially on lazy weekend mornings.

I recently got it into my head that I was going to try to participate in this year's Tour de Fleece on Ravelry. The Tour de Fleece takes place in July and corresponds with the annual Tour de France. The idea is that you set a spinning goal for yourself at the beginning of the Tour and then try to achieve it. When the riders ride, we spin and when they rest, we rest. On days that are particularly challenging, we challenge ourselves too.

My big challenge this year was going to be just to participate as there has been so much going on with work that I've really been needing that de-stressing time - and my spinning wheel, which has been languishing in my mom-cave, is the perfect way to do that. So I set a big goal for myself of what to spin:

The turquoise is what's left of a 1/2 pound bag of merino/silk sliver from Louet. The big bags are 1/2 pound bags of the same, and the small ones are 100g each of the same from Ashford, just a bit more variegation to them. Ambitious, right?

Here's the turquoise. The merino silk combo has been a dream to spin!

I've finished the bag of turquoise and started in on the bag of pinky/red next, but I'm definitely out of the running in this year's Tour de Fleece. Too much work, too little time, but at least it was motivation to get spinning again.

And when this is the environment I get to spin in? De-stressing? Mission accomplished.