How-to: Easy Envelope Throw Pillows

One of my New Years' commitments this year has been to focus on finishing and using materials that I have on hand at home for my crafting - which is largely yarn-based.

This past weekend though, I set out to make some throw pillows for my little guy's room out of some Cars fabric that I'd bought a while back (like, a year and a half ago!). Luckily, he still loves the movie, and since he has a car bed I wanted him to be able to enjoy them before he outgrows them entirely.

The pillow inserts were small and well suited for a little person's bed, but you can do this simple pillow cover in any size. Best of all, there are no buttons or zippers for fastening, which makes it a really quick sew.

Materials: Fabric, pins, cutting mat and rotary cutter or scissors, straight edge, pinking shears, and pillow form.

Cut the fabric the size you need for one side of the pillow. For the back, cut two pieces that are half the length of the front fabric, plus 3 inches. For instance, the front of the pillow is 13", the two back pieces are 9.5" each.

On one side of each of the back pieces, turn over the fabric and give it a quick hem. I personally like the look of the top-stitching with a double hem.

Pin the fabric pieces for sewing right sides together: place the front on the bottom and lay the back pieces on top. They will overlap in the middle. Pin all the way around.

This is a good opportunity to square the fabric and even out the edges (if necessary). Once that's done, sew all the way around the pillow.

Trim all of the corners and clean up your edges with pinking shears. 

Turn the pillow cover inside out, insert your pillow form, fluff and smooth and voila! An easy throw pillow to complement your existing decor.