Knitting Olympics!

As if the whole Julie-&-Julia-but-for-knitters challenge that Miko at the Purple Purl has thrown down wasn't enough, the Yarn Harlot decided that she was going to do the Knitting Olympics again, which she started four years ago. Ravelry, inspired by the Yarn Harlot, was also hosting their Ravelymics, with tons of different teams (I even signed up for one, but have since abandoned it in favour of the Canadian version). Of course, I signed up, but strategically decided that I was going to pick a project from the book I had selected for the Miko challenge, since any knitting might as well all be for the same cause!

(In case you think it's all a little crazy, check out this coverage of the Knitting Olympics in the National Post. I was at the pub that night for the Opening Ceremonies but my little guy wasn't feeling so well so I swung home instead to watch it with my honey and the wee one.)

My choice: the Ishbel Beret. It's lace (something I'm not too familiar with), and has a new technique right at the beginning of the pattern that I haven't done before. These things, couples with the fact that work is hella busy right now and taking care of the wee Mr. H is also a big job that limits my knitting time, I figured that while it's "only a hat", getting it knitted in 17 days (casting on during the Opening Ceremonies, and finishing in time for the cauldron to be extinguished) was a robust enough challenge.

Of course, in reading the instructions, I had no idea what was going on, so I had to wait for some "coaching" from the fabulous girls down at the Purl. Not to mention, my tension is off on the Ishbel itself, so that required some discussion in terms of whether or not adjustments in needle size would be required (usually yes, but since it's a hat, I'm not bothering. We worked out that I could just knit the largest size and my tension would take care of the rest).

In any case, the photo is my progress to date, well, since Tuesday night really. I know it doesn't look like much, but picture it doubled, b/c that's what I've actually knit. The first part that I knit folded back up under itself and then was joined to the rest of the knitting to make the band for the hat. Cool, eh? I learned how to do a provisional cast on and everything!

Next up, the lace section. This ought to be interesting! Methinks I'll be listening to a lot of the commentary for this second week of the Olympics instead of watching it, just so that I can concentrate!