New Year, New Craziness

I find it hard to believe that so much time has passed since my last post. Actually, scratch that. I do believe it. I know that I get what I think are great ideas but then it's not always the easiest for me to follow through on them.

My theme, or new year's resolution, or mantra (if you will) for 2006 is to work on my follow through. I've started it at work, and it's amazing how different but more empowered and engaged I feel about everything I do.

The best part of course, is that this initiative seems to spilling out into the other areas of my life as well and I'm only too happy to go with the flow and enjoy it!

Of course, one of the biggest implications has been on my stitching. It's very sad, yet very true that I have placed on moratorium on stash purchases until the fall stitching shows. Of course, there are a few leeways that I'm allowed, such as buying threads to complete new or current projects, the purchase of magazines, and I'm very much contemplating the Ottlight antique-looking floor lamp at the spring show...

One of the things that has also made this concentration easier is that my classes at school are finally done and I will be getting my diploma in Marketing Management in the spring to accompany the degree that I already have in Film. It's such a relief to be able to come home and relax, and stitch! without feeling like I ought to be doing readings for class, or studying for an exam, or working on a group paper or presentation.

So one of the things I've decided to do with my extra time is think about what I'd like to do with my ONS and get that moving. A major thrust in this area has come thanks to some lovely ladies on the 123stitch message board. A lady there purchased a chart I designed last year and sold as a way to raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as I was doing their Run for the Cure. She recently finished her project and posted it for all to see on 123stitch. Since then a number of ladies have been emailing me for details on the chart and to purchase it. Who knew that my PayPal account would ever see such action! Best of all, as I had originally committed to donating 100% of the sale of the chart to the CBCF, I now have $110 earmarked for donation to them. I'm going to take a page out of Julie from Subversive Cross-Stitch's book and wait until I have a big donation then write it all at once, maybe every month or so.

This past week I've had 12 orders for the chart (pictured at the top of this post) and even had someone ask if I had designed anything else! My head has been spinning from the attention, to say the least. Although I think I've been keeping fairly grounded as almost everyone who has emailed me has told me a little something about who they plan on stitching the piece for, or in memory of. It really is a terrible disease.

But with the question as to whether or not I had designed anything else, it's like someone has taken the lid off a pot that has been bubbling away on the back burner in my brain. Ideas have been spilling over non-stop and it's all I can do to contain them, or get them down on paper. Hopefully over the coming months I will have something to share.

First though, I should take myself back to my regular stitching and get a move on finishing at least some of my projects before I start something completely new!